Discover Bremen

Whether in a break, after a successful business meeting or in the evening together with friends. From our centrally located apartments and rooms it is only a stone’s throw to your very personal Bremen experience.

Bremen owes its history as a Hanseatic city not only to its historical centre, which you should definitely explore on foot, but also to its very own mentality. Bremen is a cosmopolitan city where diversity and respect go hand in hand. The city and its inhabitants are especially appreciated by guests for their unpretentious and stress-free way of dealing with things. The best way to experience this is by yourself!

We have put our Bremen together for you. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Places of interest

  • The Bremen Town Hall and the famous Roland are, together with the Town Musicians, the landmarks of Bremen. The Town Hall and Roland have been part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2004.
  • Böttcherstraße, built by the inventor of decaffeinated coffee, Ludwig Roselius, offers a unique and world-famous building ensemble of brick architecture.
  • The Universum is Bremen’s innovative playground for everyone who is enthusiastic about the laws of nature and enjoys learning by playing. The Universum, located at the University of Bremen (Line 6), looks like a lot. Plan several hours for a visit – it’s worth it!
  • The Schnoor, Bremen’s medieval Gängeviertel is one of the places you should have seen if you want to talk about Bremen.
  • “Ischaa Freimaak”: The Bremen Freimarkt, the largest folk festival in northern Germany, takes place for 17 days in mid-October.

In the evening

  • The Schüttinger pub brewery is famous for its cosy atmosphere.
  • The Schlachte, situated directly on the Weser, is Bremen’s restaurant and local mile.

“To a bite”

  • “El Mundo” offers international cuisine at a high level. Book well in advance!
  • In the “Ständige Vertretung” the Bremen (political) celebrities come and go. Atmosphere, history and good food meet here.

Worth knowing

  • Did you know that Vico von Bülow, better known as “Loriot” started his career at Radio Bremen? A bronze sculpture of the famous sofa can be found in the foyer of Radio Bremen in the Stephanieviertel.
  • The Mercedes plant in Bremen is the world’s number one in the Daimler Group and Bremen’s largest employer with 12,500 employees. Eight models are manufactured in Bremen.
  • With 2,311 hectares of green space, Bremen is the third greenest city in Germany. See for yourself during a walk through the Bürgerpark, along the ramparts or on the Stadtwerder – Bremen’s peninsula between the Weser and the small Weser.
  • Let’s go to the stars: Bremen is the leading high-tech location for space travel. Not only satellites are built here, but also, for example, modules for the International Space Station ISS.
  • 35,000 students make Bremen a real place of education and knowledge.

Basic course “Bremish” for beginners

Bremen’s dialect has taken much from the Low German and the Low German. Impress the locals with a little “Bremish”. And so it goes:

“Moin!“Good morning, good day! (Say also in the evening.)
“Tach auch!”Another greeting for all times of the day.
“Dascha…”Well, that’s…
“Woll’n wir auf ’n / up ‘n Swutsch?”Shall we walk around the streets and have a drink?
“Das is aber heute wieder ‘n Schmuddelwedder!”Damn, it’s raining!

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